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AP Production DarbhangaA P Production Music Studio

The Music Studio platform delivers interactivity and unforgettable content to meet the needs of the 21st century music industry. Music Studio puts printed Song Anthologies and Literature and Sight - On CD, DVD and by live program.

Our Studios

A P Production Music & Entertainment is a professional recording studio located in Darbhanga, INDIA, featuring the best of digital tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting specially for Maithili, Bhojpuri and Hindi songs.

AP Production Music Studios is a full service state of the art Recording Studio. Enabled with some of the best technology and engineers in the area, AP Production Records studio is designed for you to be at your best. With a good facility of singer lounge with all you need to be at home when your creating your best, a vocal room and live room with the best environment and lighting to customize exactly how you like to record.

Also a full range of studio musicians, producers and artists available for features. 500's of custom original beats for you to choose from. Expert Instructors, vocal coaches, and executive production available. Full Distribution of music songs available on our site in MP3 section.


Good recordings start with good musicians delivering a good performace. We understand how much your music means to you because we are musicians ourselves…


In addition to volume levels, mixing engineers decide where in the stereo spectrum to place each instrument. It is imperative for all instruments to be panned to a proper place in order to get a clean mix.…


The Microphones Filter features a sophisticated design that removes any air pressure and is very effective in filtering wind-caused plosives.…

Outboard Gear

The equipment use is pretty high, be it multi-channel preamps, ADAT expansion units, esoteric outboard, nice guitars, amps and effect pedals, hi-res location recorders, or even full laptop recording rigs…


To create a musical performance, two things have to happen: your audience needs to hear you, and you need to hear yourself. If you can't hear yourself clearly, how will you know that you're playing or singing well?…


Electric Guitar, Drums, Saxophone, Bass Guitar, Violin etc…

Our Eco Friendly Studio

Isolate sound vibrations from between the inner and outer structure (often referred to as building a "room within a room"). Absorb sound vibrations by adding mass. Provide silent ventilation/air conditioning


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