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A P Production Music and Entertainment Darbhanga, Presents Audio Album : [Shiv Jogiya]. Singer: Kumkum Mishra

Kumkum Mishra

Album: Shiv Jogiya

Singer(s): Kumkum Mishra

Songs Category: Maithili

Musician: Pappu Mishra

Producer: Chandra Bhushan Sinha

Songs List

##Play Song #Song's Name #Download#Play/Download
1 Play Song » Maina Subh Subh Gauri Biyahu Ne 234/198 Times
2 Play Song » Manabu Shiv Jogiya Ke 166/143 Times
3 Play Song » Sakhi Jogi Ek Dhad 132/145 Times
4 Play Song » Baba Lene Chaliyau Hamro Apan Nagari 172/175 Times
5 Play Song » Bad Dur Bhelai Piya 195/141 Times
6 Play Song » He Har Hamro Kin Diya Gahna 177/128 Times
7 Play Song » Hum Nahi Shiv San 105/151 Times
8 Play Song » Jaka Kata Baisal Chhi 123/147 Times
Shiv Jogiya

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  • By Krishna Kumar Jha

    बहुत नीक शिव भजन। जोरदार संगीत a p प्रोडक्शन के। धन्यवाद।

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