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A P Production Music and Entertainment Darbhanga, Presents Audio Album : [Gaaja Main Dam Ba]. Singer: Balram & Shailendra

Balram & Shailendra

Album: Gaaja Main Dam Ba

Singer(s): Balram & Shailendra

Songs Category: Bhojpuri

Musician: Pappu Mishra

Producer: Chandra Bhushan Sinha

Songs List

##Play Song #Song's Name #Download#Play/Download
1 Play Song » A Saiyanji Kawariya Uthala 176/21 Times
2 Play Song » Buchiya Mangele 70/22 Times
3 Play Song » Chilam Mein Ganja Ghusake 18/28 Times
4 Play Song » Jab Se Chadhal Bate 33/24 Times
5 Play Song » Kandha Uthala Kawariya 10/15 Times
6 Play Song » Saiyan Sawan Mein 16/19 Times
7 Play Song » Sawan Mein Bahra Se 28/19 Times
8 Play Song » Tuta Parwat Pe Badu Bhola Dani 12/24 Times
Gaaja Main Dam Ba

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