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A P Production Music and Entertainment Darbhanga, Presents Audio Album : [Sunu He Durga Maiya]. Singer: Rambabu Jha

Rambabu Jha

Album: Sunu He Durga Maiya

Singer(s): Rambabu Jha

Songs Category: Maithili

Musician: Pappu Mishra

Producer: Chandra Bhushan Sinha

Songs List

##Play Song #Song's Name #Download#Play/Download
1 Play Song » 01 Ek Ber Mai Ge Kareja Satale 230/136 Times
2 Play Song » 02 Chalu Chalu Maa Ke Darbar Sajni 225/111 Times
3 Play Song » 03 Sunu He Durga Maiya 123/168 Times
4 Play Song » 04 Dekh Beta Mai Ge Jingi 63/127 Times
5 Play Song » Kiya Jai Chhai Muri Katal He 67/83 Times
6 Play Song » 06 Kon Apradh Kelau 60/107 Times
7 Play Song » 07 He Kali Bipati Padal Bar Bhari 88/125 Times
Sunu He Durga Maiya

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    Visitor's Comments

  • By Gopi Raman Jha

    Bahut neek Mata Rani k geet lagal , Heart touching song

  • By Anil Jha

    Dear team Bahut nik lagl aaha ke banel geet sab se pls aha sa request ka rahl chi je sb nb puran geet sb koi apn site pr apploded karu or site ke nam batebak kast karb pls aaha sa aagrh aai Regard

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