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A P Production Music and Entertainment Darbhanga, Presents Audio Album : [He Ambe Maiya]. Singer: Krishnakant Jha

Krishnakant Jha

Album: He Ambe Maiya

Singer(s): Krishnakant Jha

Songs Category: Maithili

Musician: Pappu Mishra

Producer: Chandra Bhushan Sinha

Songs List

##Play Song #Song's Name #Download#Play/Download
1 Play Song » 01 Diyau Najariya Maa 1200/227 Times
2 Play Song » 02 Kaniyo Kripa Ka De 437/149 Times
3 Play Song » 03 Dubai Ya Naiya Maiya 312/138 Times
4 Play Song » 04 Tohar Nena Dekh 182/116 Times
5 Play Song » 05 Tore Aas Par Ham 215/127 Times
He Ambe Maiya

Total Visitors for this album: 0001075

    Visitor's Comments

  • By Kaushal

    Bahut badiya maithi geet

  • By Prakash Jha

    This is the best singer of bihar

  • By Tejnath Thakur

    Maithili superhit album singer krishnakant jha

  • By P. K. Nandu

    बहुत निक गैलु भाई कृष्णकांत भगवती दुर्गा के आशीर्वाद हमेशा आह के साथ रहत । आशा करे छी जे मिथलांचल के श्रोता आहा के गाना के बहुत बहुत प्यार देता

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